Disability Tax Credit (DTC)

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) allows parents of a child (or an individual if they are 18+ years of age) living with a mental or physical impairment to collect a substantial refund (up $40,000) from the Federal Government of Canada. In addition to a potential refund, there are many additional benefits associated with the DTC, including the qualification to collect the Disability Bond ($20,000) and the Disability Grant (up to $70,000).

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You keep 100% of your refund and benefits.

Fee for this service: $49
A person must be referred by RDSP Canada to qualify for this service.
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We compete  the 5-page application on your behalf and assist your doctor with your approval.

DTC Assistance Program

Customized for your specific situation to provide you with the best opportunity to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit.


We show you (and your doctor) all of the benefits that you are entitled to receive (and amounts) when you qualify for the DTC.

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DTC Application Assistance Program

The DTC Application Assistance Program is designed to provide you with the best opportunity to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit. We have helped thousands of Canadians living with an impairment collect the benefits that they deserve. In addition, we refer qualified candidates to outside experts to help them receive ALL of their government entitlements (for example, Disability Bonds and Disability Grants).
DTC Application

We complete the entire 5-page application on your behalf. All of the work is done for you (and your doctor). We use key terms that are critical for obtaining DTC approval.

Your completed DTC Application is emailed to you within 10 business days of us receiving your registration and Client Intake Form.

Doctor's Guidelines

It is critically important to your qualification process that your doctor complete their portion of the application following the CRA's requirements. We provide your doctor with the exact wording for your specific impairment, greatly enhancing your chances of qualifying. We also include a letter to your doctor that outlines the financial impact of your qualifying for the DTC, so they develop a full understanding of the importance of your application.

Additional Benefits

In addition to your potential refund (up to $40,000) from the Federal Government of Canada, there are significant benefits that you may claim on an annual basis after you have qualified for the DTC (up to $12,000/year). We provide you with a comprehensive list of the benefits and the amounts that you may receive.

Re-applying Included

The CRA may ask you to requalify for the Disability Tax Credit 4-5 years after your initial approval. You may use this system to requalify. There are no additional fees for our experts to help you requalify for the Disability Tax Credit.

Registered Accounts

After you have qualified for the Disability Tax Credit, we will connect you with RDSP Canada. You will receive assistance in opening your registered account, allowing you to collect up to $90,000 in Disability Bonds and Grants (free money). There are no fees for the service.

Our Experts

All of our DTC experts recognize the financial impact of your qualifiying for the Disability Tax Credit. We put our best effort into each and every application that we have the privilege of completing. Each of us have family members who rely heavily on the benefits provided by qualifying for the DTC.

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP).

More Government Entitlements

RDSP Canada will assist you in collecting ALL of your entitlements, amounting up to $90,000 in Disability Bonds and Grants (free money).

Specific To You

You will receive a statement the outlines exactly how much you will receive this calendar year and each year going forward. With growth, this could mean literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for you and/or family's future.

Continuing benefits

With the DTC Application Assistance Program the work is done for you. After you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, we will refer you to other experts to help you collect ALL of your government entitlements. They will continue the process on your behalf - at no charge to you.