The DTC Application
Assistance Program

We do the work for you and your physician to provide
you with the best opportunity for approval.
You keep ALL of your benefits.
Our work is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Fee: $49
Please note that a person must be referred by RDSP Canada to qualify for this service.
Completed 5-page application

The Disability Tax Credit Application

Receive your completed 5-page application that best reflects your daily struggles. The completed application is crafted in a manner that provides you with the best opportunity to gain approval for the DTC.

Completed application
You receive the completed application. All of the work is done for you and your attending physician. This is important, as most doctors are unfamiliar with the DTC and the application. A poorly written application most often results in a person being rejected for the DTC.
Everything is emailed to you
Within 10 business days of receiving your request, we send you the 5-page completed application and additional documents to help you gain DTC approval.

Note: Due to COVID-19, there may be a small delay in receiving your completed application. However, our DTC specialists are still working diligently on helping those in need qualify for the DTC.
long-term benefits

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

After you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, we will refer you to RDSP Canada. They will assist you with completing the applications for a very special registered account that may provide you with up to $90,000 in free money from the Federal Government of Canada. There is no fee to you for this service.

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The financial importance of qualifying

In addition to providing your doctor with all of the information they require to give you the best opportunity to qualify for the DTC, we also help them to understand the importance of you qualifying from a financial perspective. Qualifying can mean literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for you long-term (including growth inside your RDSP).

We also include detailed instructions on how to access the Disability Amount ($8,576 in 2020) to ensure that you are receiving the annual benefit.


Doctors' guidelines specific to your impairment

If a DTC Application is rejected, the majority of the time it is because of what the physician recorded on the CRA's Disability Tax Credit application. The average Canadian doctor completes the forms less than 3 times in a year. This is a tax form, not a medical form, which is why we do the work for them.

We use the key words that the CRA looks for
There are specific items that need to be included for the CRA to approve the DTC application - we craft your application accordingly.
Doctor preparation
Included are documents that help your doctor prepare for the application process. There are additional steps that happen behind the scenes that your doctor needs to be aware of when a person is applying for the DTC.

We do the work for you.
You keep ALL of your benefits.
If you are not approved we will refund 100% of your fee.