Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate

For a person living with a severe, prolonged health condition, the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate can change their life for the better.

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Fee for this service: $49
A person must be referred by RDSP Canada to qualify for this service.
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What is the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate?

The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate is a document granted by the Federal Government of Canada that grants a person living with a prolonged health condition access to substantial benefits programs.

Who should apply?

A person living with a health condition that impacts one (or more) of the following basic functions for daily living should apply for the Disability Tax Credit Certificate:

• Walking
• Feeding
• Dressing
• Decision-making
• Problem-solving
• Going to the bathroom
• Speaking
• Hearing
• Seeing
• The need for life sustaining therapy

A person living with a prolonged health condition that is impacting any of the above-mentioned basic functions of daily living should apply for the DTC.

What kind of benefits should I expect to receive if I am approved?

There are many benefits (and credits) that the DTC allows a person to collect. Below are some of the more substantial benefits of being approved for the DTC. There are many more benefits/credits that are available when a person is approved.

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The DTC Application Assistance Program

The application process can be challenging.
Professional help is available.

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