Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate?

Qualifying for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) can means literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for an individual's future. In addition to the possibility of a substantial refund from the Federal Government of Canada (in excess of $40,000), there are annual benefits/credits totalling thousands of dollars more.

Individuals under the age of 49 who qualify for the DTC are also eligible to open a very special registered account called the Registered Disability Savings Plan (or RDSP). Opening your registered account may qualify you for up to $20,000 in Disability Bonds (free money) and up to $70,000 in Disability Grants (a 3-to-1 government matching program). Over time your account can grow to a significant amount of money for you and/or your family's future.

To learn more about the DTC, please visit: The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Certificate

How does the DTC Application Assistance Program work?

The program is designed to give you the best chance of qualifying. There are two components to the application:

Part A - requires information about the person living with the impairment and, if applicable, their legal parent/guardian.

Part B - is all about how the impairment is affecting the daily activities of the person living with the impairment and/or their caregivers.

The value of the DTC Application Assistance Program focuses on Part B of the application. The vast majority of physicians complete only a handful of these applications throughout the year. As it is a tax form for the CRA and not a medical form, the doctor often leaves out some important information that can make the difference between an approval or a denial of the DTC.

The DTC Application Assistance Program focuses on including the appropriate information about the impairment to give you the best chance of qualifying. It provides your doctor with the precise wording that the CRA requires for approval. While this does not guarantee approval, it most certainly improves an applicant's chances.

What happens if I do not qualify for the DTC?

Should you not qualify, you two options:

  1. Appeal the CRA's decision.
  2. Excercie your option for the money-back guarantee.

We usually recommend appealing the CRA's decision and we will assist in this process. If, after the appeal, you still do not qualify, we will refund your $49 fee that you paid for our assistance.

To learn more about the Money-Back Guarantee please click here.